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About Language Chat

The World's First user generated content language learning app that combines the latest Cloud AI technologies to help you learn to speak without embarrassment & complexity.

  • Unlimited Chats

    Learn what you want any time, anywhere with GUARANTEED super high language retention.

  • Native HQ Voices

    Automatically listen to native voice pronunciation of your chat and repeat along as many times as you want.

  • Speech Recognition

    Drill and test your pronunciations using cloud speech recognition for each chat message. This feature must be enabled via settings.

Available 14 Languages

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Amazing Learning Experience Second To None!

Learn your preferred languages in just 3 SIMPLE STEPS by chatting what you already know in your native language.
Step 1: Select a Language.
Step 2: Select a Topic.
Step 3: Start Chatting.
Quite easy, RIGHT?






Pro HQ Voices



Why Language Chat App?

We've made language learning a lot easier for you. You will definitely learn 10x faster!

User Friendly

We've put together an appealing design friendly to your eyes. You can spend hours chatting without eye strains.


Use bilingual dictionary available in each language you're on, to learn more synonyms and their native pronunciations.

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Chat History

All your chats are saved for your future reference. You can also continue learning from where you stopped on each topic.

Personal Wordbank

Your personal word bank allows you to save words you wish not to forget. Each word comes with native audio pronunciation.

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